2020-21 Accompaniment Resources

Instrumental Applicants

Instrumental applicants should perform unaccompanied.

Voice Applicants

Voice applicants should perform their pre-screening and audition with accompaniment. The Voice Faculty at Ithaca College prepared the following guidance in how to prepare these materials.

We realize that during these unprecedented times it might be hard or impossible to arrange for a live accompaniment for your recording or audition. Therefore, we are accepting video submissions with recorded accompaniment in order to better support your audition effort. We would prefer a pre-recorded live accompaniment over a MIDI file, but will gladly accept either.

Resources for accompaniment tracks that we recommend:

  • Reach out to your teacher or local pianist and ask them to make a recording of your accompaniment.
  • Apps such as Appcompanist (has a large library of piano accompaniments to well-known classical and musical theater songs) and Sheet Music Scanner or digitalScore (upload a PDF and it will create a MIDI file of the accompaniment).
  • Pre-recorded tracks available with your music score.
  • Professional YouTube/Spotify karaoke tracks. Please vet these carefully, however, for accuracy and appropriateness.

Issues to consider when procuring a recorded accompaniment and singing with one:

  • Tempo: Make sure you communicate your desired tempo to any pianist that may be recording an accompaniment for you. Figure out your preferred metronome marking and share that with them. Also communicate any tempo changes (rit. or accel.), fermatas, and dynamics in advance.
  • Key: Ensure that the accompaniment is in the same key as you wish to sing in (especially for pre-recorded tracks).
  • Playback: If possible, play the recording through a good speaker rather than through a computer or phone to get the best audio quality.
  • Balance: When recording, experiment with placement of the speaker to make sure the recording picks up both you and the accompaniment in a balanced way.
  • Listen and Practice: It can be disorienting to sing with a recorded accompaniment that allows for zero flexibility. Listen to the recording a lot to get to know its nuances and practice with it before recording.

Other Virtual Audition Tips

We have compiled some recommendations and best practices to help you prepare for your virtual and/or recorded audition. Visit the Virtual Audition Tips page to learn more.