Tune In!

We asked our conductors to share some of their favorite concerts from the last year. Take a listen!


Benjamin Rochford, Associate Director of Bands and Concert Band conductor, recommended recommended the Wind Ensemble's March 3rd Concert, featuring works by Schwanter, Mozart, Grainger, and Wagner; and the Concert Band's October 14th Concert, featuring works by Reed, Pann, Mennin, Arnold, Tull, and Saint-Saëns.


Sean Linfors, Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education both recommended performances from the choral ensembles on their October 8 2019 Choral Collage!

There is also a special performance of "Pal-So-Seong (8 Laughing Voices)" from the Ithaca College Choir included. We hope you enjoy!


Mike Titlebaum, Director of Jazz Studies and Jazz Ensemble conductor, recommended the Jazz Ensemble's February 29th Concert, featuring works by Silver, Monk, Brown, Hancock, Barbarin, and more.


Our Director of Orchestras recommended the Symphony Orchestra's April 30, 2018 Concert, featuring The Planets by Holst.

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