Why Ithaca?

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Student with trombone outside.

Why Ithaca?

"I chose Ithaca College because it offered me and many others limitless opportunities. Numerous opportunities to perform in the many ensembles, as well as courses for building excellent future music educators, and an amazing faculty; Ithaca is the place to be."

-Alexander Felker (Music Education '23, Bass Trombone)

Student holding flute by brick wall

Why Ithaca?

"Ithaca College has everything that I wanted in a school. The Music Education program is absolutely amazing, the class sizes are small, and the town is amazing! Not to mention, the Music School has such a supportive and warm environment, where students help one another succeed. Ithaca College is so incredibly special - I could see that from day 1, and that's why I chose it!"

-Abigail Ferri (Music Education '20, Flute)

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Why Ithaca?

"For me the most important thing was that I was paired up with a professor who knew and cared who I was and where I was at, who was going to be around full-time to help guide me, and who had the specific skill set to bring me to where I wanted to be as a musician over the course of four years worth of weekly one on one instruction. I tell high school seniors that the most important and unique thing about looking at music schools is meeting your studio professor, since that relationship and commitment is unlike anything else in any other study. My lesson with Nick Walker was the one where I felt the most immediate sense of kinship and could most easily visualize progress under his tutelage, which is the main reason I committed to Ithaca."

-August Bish (Music Performance '21, Double Bass)

Student with alto saxophone standing outside and smiling at the camera.

Why Ithaca?

"I chose Ithaca College because I wanted to be able to study music as an educator and as a performer. Ithaca has provided numerous opportunities for me to explore my interest as a saxophone performer while providing me with an incredible education on how to be a strong music pedagogue."

-Jared Banker (Music Education '20, Saxophone)

Student smiling at camera

Why Ithaca?

"I chose Ithaca because the warm and welcoming atmosphere from all faculty and staff. They truly care about each and every one of their students. Every part of Ithaca makes it feel like a home away from home. From the first day I stepped on campus I knew this is where I wanted to be."

-Sarah Pulver (Music Education '22, French Horn)

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