• You can set your dress rehearsal for any time in the hall that is available on the schedule. Most people hold it 3-7 days before the performance, but it’s up to you, your teacher, and your collaborators.
  • You must have your dress rehearsal scheduled through the online system or by being in touch with Erik Kibelsbeck three weeks prior to your desired dress rehearsal date(s). After that, other events may be booked in the hall that will limit your options and possibly preclude you being able to schedule a dress rehearsal.
  • If you will need harpsichord, organ, or second piano during a dress rehearsal, you MUST make arrangement for that when booking your dress rehearsal time(s).
  • Pianists may book 3 hours.
  • Percussionists may book 2.5 hours.
  • All other instruments may book 2 hours.
  • The minimum length of a block is one hour. Please note that an “hour” usually means 50 minutes to allow for the next event in the space to begin on time. Follow the class schedule during daytimes.