• Students performing their culminating required recital (senior or final graduate) may use Ford Hall Lobby for a reception following their recital.
  • Depending on the recital schedule, the reception space may be shared with multiple recitalists.
  • Basic 6 foot event tables are available.
  • Ithaca College policy mandates that food served at any reception be prepared in accordance with NYS Health Department guidelines---this means you can have it catered, or brought in from a grocery store or other food provider, but that homemade food may not be served.
  • Reception space is normally reserved one hour prior to your recital start time through two hours after your recital start time. On busy days, however, adjustments may have to be made, you will be contacted if any difficulties are envisioned.
  • While your reception helpers will usually be able to set up before your recital begins, occasionally there is overlap and you may need to work with a previous reception.
  • Afterwards, if there is more garbage than the nearby wastebaskets can handle, please remove all leftover food and garbage from the area by taking to other waste receptacles.
  • It is the recitalist's responsibility for leaving the space the way it was found, which means cleaning up any mess generated by the reception.