• Tuesday, May 22nd: All instruments, keys, mouthpieces, mutes etc. are due back to the repair shop window.
  • ** Instruments returned after the 22nd will be subject to a $10 per day Late Return Fee
  • Summer rental forms will be available starting Tuesday, May 1st.


  1. If you have never signed anything out before, fill out the form located to the left of the repair window.
    • This agreement highlights ones responsibility for the safe care and prompt return of the instrument, including the possibility of late fees. Read the agreement carefully.
  2. Have your Ithaca College ID ready each time you come to the sign out window
  3. State the intended use for the instrument with the counter staff
  4. Adhere to the above important dates concerning when your instrument is due.

Minor Instruments are used in conjunction with the secondary instrument classes. All secondary classes, with the exception of Class Brass and Class Woodwinds, allow students to sign out the instruments for the whole duration of the class. Instruments for Junior Student Teaching, Class Brass, and Class Woodwinds are to be signed out on a daily basis and brought back to the repair window immediately after use.

Professional Instrument Sign-Out: Various “specialty” instruments that students often do not own are available for student use in college ensembles. Instruments must be checked out through the repair shop staff after we receive a written recommendation from the student’s major performance professor.


  • School Owned Instruments may only be taken outside the School of Music with permission from your studio teacher or ensemble conductor. Please have these memos sent via e-mail to Neil Adams.
  • Instruments are not to be left unattended in the halls or classrooms or outside the repair window when the window is closed.
  • If any instrument is damaged or is in need or repair, inform Mr. Adams or the repair shop staff immediately.
  • Please leave ample amounts of time to rent an instrument before classes; the sign out window can become very busy.
  • Only use instruments that have been signed out to you. There is to be no sharing within studios. If an instrument is needed by another person, inform the repair shop of the switch.
  • Summer and Winter Break Rental Policy*** Instruments can be rented for the winter and summer breaks. Winter break rentals are free of charge. For all professional level instruments, a note must be brought to or e-mailed to the repair shop before it can be rented. Listed below are the instruments available for rental along with the summer rental fee:
    • $30 ($2.00/week) -- Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola
    • $45 ($3.00/week) -- Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone (all), Drum Pad/Stand

*** Late fees will be levied pending the return of instruments past the due date. While in your possession, you are responsible for the welfare and safe return of the instruments. These policies are outlined clearly on the Rental Agreement.