It is the policy that the concert instruments are not to be used for routine practice.

A strict use policy is necessary to preserve our most important pianos. Faculty, students and guests want the very best instrument possible for their recitals and concerts. These instruments are what the public sees and hears the most often when attending events in the building. Therefore, proper care and use is very important.

The protocols for concert piano use is as follows:

Ford Hall

  • The newest piano is the primary piano for faculty, faculty chamber music, faculty collaborative and piano major recitals as well as guest recitals/concerts. The newest piano may be used with ensembles for up front solo performance when necessary.
  • The other piano on stage is primarily for large ensemble rehearsal/performance and student recitals given by non-piano majors. This piano must be used for most non-traditional and prepared use. Any non-traditional or prepared piano use must be cleared with the piano technician. (See the Non-Traditional and Prepared Piano Use section above for details.)

Hockett Recital Hall

  • The primary recital piano is the Shirley Hockett donated Steinway.
  • The Steinway in the storage room off the stage is the second piano but can be used for any recital. The second piano must be used for most non-traditional and prepared use.

Nabenhauer Recital/Rehearsal Room

  • The piano on stage is the primary piano for recitals. The piano on the floor will not be moved on to the stage under any circumstances. The floor piano can be used in a recital by moving it in front or aside of the stage. If the floor piano is needed for a recital the piano technician must be notified at least one week in advance.

The Chapel

  • This piano is occasionally used for elective recitals. To insure a tuning for these recitals, the piano technician must be notified at least a week in advance. A key for the piano can be obtained at the chapel office.

Faculty and piano majors may use either piano in Ford or Hockett for their recitals and solo performance with ensembles. It is best that the piano technician be notified as to which piano will be used one week prior to the performance.

If you are scheduling a recital, rehearsal or class that uses two pianos, please notify the piano technician well in advance of the event.

If a lid needs to be removed, qualified stage crew must be employed for this task.

Lock and cover the concert pianos after use.