The following is meant to be helpful rather than prescriptive.  Students and faculty are encouraged to work together as needed to determine what will constitute a recital in this unusual time.  Staff is available to provide advice and assistance.

Zoom is highly recommended because it is free for students and faculty (just login with netpass), an account isn’t required for the audience, and you can easily record the “meeting” / recital.

Suggestions for using Zoom to livestream and create a recording

  • Using Zoom
  • Recording the Livestream (livestreamed recitals can be saved directly to Sakai, or uploaded later)
  • Think about your lighting and background
  • Turn the HD video setting ON
  • See this tutorial to adjust advanced audio settings
  • Check your Internet speed (upload speed needs to be greater than 2Mb/s for standard, or greater than 10Mb/s for HD)
  • Consider distance to router (if on wifi), or how the internet is being used throughout the household (don’t stream a recital while others are using Netflix / YouTube) *Distance to router does not apply if connected via ethernet
  • Check -- it is anticipated zoom will be very busy and occasionally unreliable, and that link may help you predict latency issues.

ProBuilder can be used for concert program creation to generate a pdf that can be shared, attached to the zoom meeting, uploaded to Sakai, etc. as desired.   Let Erik Kibelsbeck know if doing this.

Please let Erik Kibelsbeck know your date/time and livestream link, for it to be added to the online concert calendar!

Visit for more information.