Summer 2018 Symposium

This symposium is designed to investigate and improve techniques of conducting and rehearsing, and to explore other relevant topics of interest to the serious wind conductor and music educator. Past guest clinicians have included Jerry Junkin, Richard Floyd, Anthony Maiello, Richard Clary, H. Robert Reynolds, Craig Kirchhoff, James Croft, Frank Battisti, John Whitwell, Mallory Thompson, and Arnald Gabriel. Guests work along with Stephen Peterson, Ithaca College Director of Bands. Together, these conductor/teachers lead discussions about topics of interest to wind conductors at all levels including repertoire, rehearsal techniques, national standards, setting and maintaining musical, personal, and educational standards, ideas for musical growth, score study, intonation, and the art of building good musical habits.

In addition to half-day discussion and lecture sessions on these topics, participants conduct a live ensemble during each morning session where the focus is the refinement of conducting and communication skills. Participants are able to choose their own repertoire for the conducting sessions from a published list. This annual session is a meaningful week of personal challenge, renewal, and growth. The symposium normally occurs during the last week of June. For more information, please contact Chris Hughes.