Thursday, November 7

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8:50 AM, Hockett

Choosing Repertoire for Middle School Chorus

Sean Linfors

CAP: 30

Finding and creating developmentally appropriate repertoire for middle school singers

8:50 AM, Beeler

Building Community with African Drumming & Dance

Baruch Whitehead

CAP: 30

Participants will learn authentic West African Drumming and Dance through active participation in the workshop. We will also discuss the meaning of cultural appropriation in the context of Western Musicians performing African Music.

9:50 AM, Iger

Diversifying Your Rep.

Sara Haefeli

CAP: 40

If you've ever been frustrated by the lack of women or composers of color on your concert or recital programs, this workshop will introduce you to sources that will help you explore diverse repertoires in diverse genres and styles.

9:50 AM, Presser

Audition Tips & Tricks

Mary Holzhauer

CAP: 20

Hints and behind the scenes information about grad school and YAP auditions

Participants should include an audition aria.

10:50 AM, Presser

Performance and Analysis

Deborah Rifkin & Vadim Serebryany

CAP: 30

Collaborative masterclass describing how analysis affects performance, and performance affects analysis. We will study Chopin's Sonata in B-flat minor, Sonata No. 2, op. 35. The class will be applicable to pianists AND non-pianists.

Participants should listen to movements 1 and 4 of Chopin's Sonata no. 2.

10:50 AM, Hockett

Collaborative Piano: An Interactive Workshop for Pianists and Collaborating Friends

Mary Holzhauer

CAP: 25

How to play, or perform, well with others.

12:05 PM, Beeler

Wes Balk Improve Technique

Catherine Weidner

CAP: 25

Apply the ACTIONS Thesaurus book to your work. On your feet!

Participants should prepare a short phrase they can sing (a capella).

12:05 PM, Green Room

Creating Parts with Partifi

Kristina Shanton

CAP: 25

Have a full score that you need to break up into individual player parts? Need to separate parts to facilitate page turns? Learn how with Partifi -- a free web service.

Participants should bring a laptop.

1:05 PM, Beeler

Teaching Ages 5 to 75: Everyone Can Sing!

Melissa Rooklidge

A workshop with Melissa Rooklidge, M.M.E., the founding artistic director of the Odyssey Choir at Opus Ithaca, who has more than a decade of experience educating all ages of musicians. This interactive lecture will feature techniques for teaching music literacy and aural skills to elementary school students through adults, utilizing the Kodály methodology and building foundational skills for singing in a choir.

1:05 PM, JJWCM 1212

The Piano

Leonard Ostrander

CAP: 10

An overview of the piano.

2:05 PM, IRR

Group Dynamics

Susan Waterbury

CAP: 50

Waterbury has extensive experience in group dynamics and rehearsal techniques. Come join a group to explore together!

2:05 PM, Iger

Make Them Feel: Rhetoric and the Art of Communication

Mary Holzhauer

CAP: 25

Composers of the Baroque and Classical era left out a lot in their manuscripts, and did so to let the performer communicate directly with their listeners. Learn the basics of musical rhetoric, and how to communicate and move your audiences!

3:05 PM, Ford

21st Century Musician

Samuel Martin

In today’s age, as the classical music industry continues to evolve, how can artists remain as versatile as possible so they can thrive? No performance opportunities for a year? Create them out of thin air for yourself. Explore the entrepreneurial side of the industry with pianist Sam Martin, the Founding Artistic Director of the nonprofit Cincinnati Song Initiative, to learn about how you can both advocate for your own performance career and diversify the classical music world as a business leader.

3:05 PM, IRR

Improvisation Using Simple Melodic Embellishment

Michael Titlebaum

CAP: 25

Not sure how to get started improvising? Learn how to improvise by embellishing simple melodies through applying straightforward techniques. All musicians welcome.

Participants should bring their instrument, melodica, or play piano.

4:05 PM, IRR

Taboo Issues in String Pedagogy

William Cravy

CAP: 45

A short lecture on the most contested topics in string playing for violin, viola, cello, and bass.

Participants should bring string instruments, open to all levels.

4:05 PM, Green Room

Italian Phonetics

Federico Domenico & Eraldo Sacchi

CAP: 35

An overview over most commons mistakes in Italian phonetics. How to apply them to vocal technique and standard arias.

Participants should be ready to read single phrases of arias or recits in Italian.

5:05 PM, Hockett

Artists for Social Justice

Rachel Schutz

In this workshop we will discuss the ways that art interacts with society and how (and if) we can use art to comment on issues of social justice.