Tuesday, November 5

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8:50 AM, Beeler


Catherine Weidner

CAP: 25

Apply the ACTIONS Thesaurus book to your work. On your feet!

Participants should come prepared with a short phrase they can sing (a capella).

8:50 AM, Ford

Breathwork for Musicians

Richard Faria

Recent research shows that breathing has large influence on the state of the Autonomic nervous system. That is important because the Autonomic nervous system is responsible for automatically governing subconscious aspects of mind and body. Because of this, autonomic function underlies virtually every aspect of our health and well-being.

9:50 AM, JJWCM 1212

The Piano

Leonard Ostrander

CAP: 10

9:50 AM Nabenbauer

Musto Residency Open Coachings *

10:50 AM, Ford

Group Dynamics

Susan Waterbury

CAP: 50

Susan Waterbury has extensive experience in group dynamics and rehearsal techniques. Come join a group to explore together!

Participants should bring their instruments.

10:50 AM Hockett

Musto Residency Open Coachings *

12:05 PM, JJWCM 2330

Getting Music After You Graduate

Kristina Shanton

CAP: 20

Not sure how you can find & borrow scores, books, and recordings once you graduate? Learn about free services and options available to you out in the real world!

12:05 PM Hockett

Musto Residency Open Coachings *

1:05 PM, Husa

Your Inner Superhero and Saboteurs

Adrienne Ruzic

CAP: 25

How do know when to listen to the voices inside your head and whether they're telling you the truth or not? In this workshop, you'll meet your inner superhero and learn how to call forth that all knowing and powerful entity within you when you need it most. You'll also get to recognize one of your saboteurs, that nasty gremlin that holds you back from living your best life.

1:05 PM, IRR

Use Your Words

Meaghan Boeing

CAP: 20

Singers are storytellers, using music and words to create a whole world. How can we get the most out of the text we are given? This workshop explores the tools of analysis that will help us unlock the stories in the words we sing.

2:05 PM, Presser

Breathing for Musicians

David Earll

CAP: 30

This interactive session will demonstrate a variety of exercises designed for brass players, woodwind players, and vocalists. Handouts will be provided.

2:05 PM, Iger

Beyond the Vowels

Karl Paulnack

CAP: 30

Beyond the Vowels: The Rhythm and Pitch of French

Americans often struggle with vowel precision, nasals, liaison rules and other basics of pronunciation, but too often they quit once they conquer those basics. There’s another important piece to mastering French.

French is a pitched language—the language normally uses three distinct pitch levels (with a fourth level used only in exceptional circumstances, like when one’s hair is on fire.) French has a specific rhythm as well, a rhythm about as far away from American iambic tetrameter as you can get. Understanding the rhythm and pitch of French—when and where a question goes up or down, what to do in the middle of a sentence when breathing, what to do at a comma—these understandings are critical to legato and genuinely French-sounding French.

This workshop is open to all, but particularly recommended for people who already have some mastery of French sounds. If you have very little French, you’ll get just a little out of the workshop. If you have had a lot of French, you should get a lot out of this.

Please bring a poem, or song text, or piece of French that you are currently working on or would like to work on—depending on our time and attendance, we may be able to spend some time practicing together.

3:05 PM, IRR

Preparing for a Music Competition

Dmitri Novgorodsky

Competitions, festivals, auditions - all these events have so much potential to help a musician develop in so many ways. This workshop will discuss how to best prepare for them.

3:05 PM, JJWCM 1207

Choral Traditions Around the World

Sean Linfors

CAP: 30

Guest: Dr. Annie Barry

4:05 PM, Presser

Vocal Technique in Jazz Harmony

Kimberly Nazarian

CAP: 50

Using Peter Eldridge's composition/arrangement of "Come Home", this class provides a demonstration of specific vocal exercises that build the voice in order to execute this challenging piece. Students will explore a direct application of vocal technique to music. Go instantly from the practice room, to the stage, to the recording studio!

4:05 PM, Iger

Pronunciation and Articulation

Deborah Montgomery

CAP: 20

Explore simple yet effective means through language to free the voice and find more expressive communication.

Students are requested to bring an English piece to work on in the class.

5:05 PM, Presser

A, B, C’s of Listening

Kimberly Nazarian

Curious about jazz? Come learn from Kim Nazarian of New York Voices. An easy and fun exposure to jazz for all.