Have a question about IC GRIT? Take a look below to find an answer.

What is IC GRIT?

The summer IC GRIT program offers students completing their first year at IC a chance to re-take a course that challenged them or the opportunity to get ahead by taking a course usually scheduled for the first semester of their second year.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Students completing their first year at IC with a GPA <2.5 are eligible.

Will students retake the exact same course or one very similar? Once complete, will this grade replace a previous grade and/or become a computation of a future GPA?

The intent is for students to take the same course where they've received a W, D or F, so the new grade will be recalculated, thus improving the GPA. Students who receive a grade for a new course they're taking to get ahead can improve their GPA by doing well in the course. 

Once you successfully complete this course, you will not need to take it again during the fall/spring semester.

Is the course aligned with his Core/Major/Graduation requirements?

Yes. Courses have been selected by students’ deans’ offices based on their degree.

We're using a combination of a scholarship and the GI Bill.  Will either of these cover the program cost?   

Student Financial Services is in the best position to answer this question. However, institutional aid is built into the program cost as a tuition subsidy, and full room and partial board as needed, so no additional institutional aid will be provided. Students who qualify for Pell grants may be eligible for additional summer funding. Federal loans can be used to cover summer study, but not increased from the full academic year award. Private loans may be available. Contact Student Financial Services for more information for what's possible.

Does the attendance of the course impact timing for registration or standing for Sophomore year?

Program participation will not delay registration for the fall semester. It may be that if a course is retaken in summer, it allows for faster degree progress because of the completion of a prerequisite.

How many students are typically enrolled or offered this course?

We anticipate five to ten students per course. Tutoring outside the course will be one-on-one or small groups, depending on the course subject.

Is this course taught by a Professor, a Graduate Assistant, or some combination?

Courses are taught by Ithaca College full-time faculty members.

Given the 5-week course length, how will students be assessed?  Written papers, tests, or presentations?  

Assessment is decided by each faculty member. Course-specific tutoring will be in place to support students’ completion of course requirements and their learning of the material overall. The idea is that with students’ ability to focus on one course at a time, they’ll not only have an immersive learning environment but also will be able to practice academic success strategies (time management, note-taking, test-taking, planning to write, etc).

I took a 1-credit ICSM 17000 Meeting the Challenges course. Do I need to re-take the ICSM 10500?

No. However, ICSM 10500 is a 4-credit experience that if you received a D or F is significantly impacting your GPA. Should you retake ICSM 10500 and earn a better grade, your GPA will be recalculated. The 1-credit ICSM 17000 will serve as elective credit.

I received a warning letter from my dean's office that I am not satisfying academic progress, and that I need to increase my spring term credits so I complete 24 credits this academic year. Can I use these summer credits toward that?

No, unfortunately not. Summer is a new academic year.

I have an accommodations letter from Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Can I continue my accommodations in summer?

Yes, simply notify SAS that you would like to extend your accommodations and follow their instructions.

Can I take two classes?

IC GRIT includes a single course enrollment. Should you wish to enroll in more summer credits, you may do so by adding the course online via HomerConnect. Visit ithaca.edu/summer for more information.

When will I have to pay?

Payment is due the first day of the program, May 26; however, extensions may be granted to qualified students in good financial standing. Contact Student Financial Services (sfs@ithaca.edu) to request an extension.

I have received a room and board refund. Can this be applied to payment for the IC GRIT program?

Account credits may be applied to the IC GRIT program.