Need to improve your GPA or practice study skills?

The summer IC GRIT program offers students completing their first year at IC a chance to re-take a course that challenged them or the opportunity to get ahead by taking a course usually scheduled for the first semester of their second year.

Academic Success Workshops 2020

Academic Success Workshops with Q&A by the Academic Advising Center


Academic Planning - Katie Burke  
Understand how to satisfy your degree requirements, fitt in study abroad, or plan for another major or minor. Learn the tools that will help you plan your academic career. 

Here is the link to the recording:


Before, During, and After Class: Academic Success Strategies - Amber Cloke
Learn tools and strategies that prepare you for a successful semester. 

Here is the link for the recording (~20 min): https://ithaca.zoom.us/rec/share/4-BQFe_s2XpLZ6PE2E3OBqcmA7j5T6a81CEY8qYKn0hbp1-fbiBImWOgyuoYg09Z

Here is the audio transcript: https://ithaca.zoom.us/rec/share/4-BQFe_s2XpLZ6PE2E3OBqcmA7j5T6a81CEY8qYKn0hbp1-fbiBImWOgyuoYg09Z

Manage your Time - Sterling Bacher 
Learn how to balance your time management plan while making the most of your free time as you transition to college.

Here is the link for the recording:

Effective Communication in College - Angela Gian-Cursio
Learn the fundamental tools needed to communicate appropriately with faculty and staff on campus, including professional email etiquette as well as how to prepare for and use office hours.

Here's the link to the recording: https://ithaca.zoom.us/rec/share/vI9KFp3TsX5OTqPS6Vz5ZIQvT5v-aaa80HMf_fYLmBp683u2w8NXKRFbsBKqMQCY

Benefits of Participation

This program is offered over the summer and can help students improve their GPA, catch up if they're behind, or get ahead by focusing on a single course with extra tutoring support and academic coaching. Course instruction, tutoring, and academic coaching workshops are fully online.

Participation in IC GRIT includes the following benefits:

  • Partial tuition subsidy (provided for one course during the program)
  • Progress toward degree/major requirements
  • Recalculation of GPA when retaking a past W/D/F course
  • Improvement of GPA when completing a course successfully with a grade higher than the current GPA
  • Academic success workshops 
  • One-on-one and/or small group course-specific tutoring, and/or supplemental instruction


Students completing their first year at IC with a GPA <2.5 are eligible. Invites are delivered via email to students' ithaca.edu email addresses February-March. Priority consideration will be given to students who confirm their participation by May 1.

Courses Offered

The following courses are offered during summer 2020 (schedule subject to change):

ACCT 22500 Financial Accounting (3 credits). A Business School requirement for students usually taken in the first semester of the second year, ACCT 22500 will be offered for students through IC GRIT to allow focus on a single course many students find challenging, and to remove some pressure from the fall semester course load.

CHEM 12100 Principles of Chem (3 credits) and/or CHEM 12200 Principles of Chem Lab (1 credit). Like Anatomy & Physiology I, Principles of Chemistry is required for many majors, but it can be challenging for students when taken at the same time as many other courses. IC GRIT will allow students who found this course challenging the chance to try again (when the original grade is a D+ or less) with dedicated tutoring support.

CHEM has a SYNCHRONOUS meeting schedule:

  • CHEM 12100 Lecture MTWRF 10:00-11:00 am EST
  • CHEM 12200 Lab Tues/Thurs 12:00-2:30 pm EST 

EXSS 12000 Anatomy & Physiology I (3 credits). Canceled FOR SUMMER 2020 due to a shift to online instruction.

ICSM 10500 First-year seminar Topic TBA (4 credits) is a requirement for all Ithaca College students. Performing poorly in a 4-credit first-semester course can wreak havoc on a student's GPA, so this is a chance to replace these four credits with a higher grade (when the original grade is a D+ or less). Moreover, this course is designed to supports students' academic success through an extensive introduction to resources on campus and reflection on their own study habits. Students who've taken the make-up 1-credit Meeting the Challenges course will have the one-credit applied as an elective.

MATH 10500 Math for Decision-Making (QL) (3 credits) focuses on personal financial decision-making (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, retirement) and uses basic mathematics to explore the real-world implications of compound interest. Department Chair David Brown has expertise in math education and is himself an IC alum. Students invited to this course benefit from completing this core curriculum requirement in Quantitative Literacy (QL).

WRTG 10600 Academic Writing I (3 credits) is required of all Ithaca College students. This is a chance to replace three credits with a higher grade (when the original grade is a D+ or less).

Cost of Program

  • $900 (3 credits)
  • $1,200 (4 credits)

Billing Information

Once you register in Homer for your summer course, you will see charges on your account for summer tuition. The program does not cover course materials such as books. Student Financial Services can provide information on billing and/or financial aid.


Have a question about IC GRIT? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

Registration for IC GRIT 2020 is now closed.

IC GRIT is by invitation only and will be held online during summer session I May 26 – June 26, 2020* (*dates revised due to extension of spring 2020). A great feature of this program is the inclusive fee that covers tuition, and tutoring and/or additional instructional support, and academic strategies workshops.


Student Financial Services can provide information on billing and/or financial aid.

With questions related to the program, please contact Jen Wofford at 607-274-3529 or jwofford@ithaca.edu