Top 10 Reasons to Take an Ithaca Course this Summer

Reason #10...Get more out of your summer job than an hourly wage.
What more can you learn from your summer job? Nearly half of the students who engage in summer sessions are registered for internship credit.   

Reason #9...Summer session undergraduate tuition is discounted 30%.
The discount rate applies to all summer session undergraduate credits, including the May session, online and on-campus courses, and individualized study (internships, fieldwork, independent study, and private lessons).

Save more than $1,200 for a three-credit course.

Reason #8...70 online courses offered on your summer schedule.
Ithaca College summer sessions offers courses that are fully online and asynchronous - which means there's no scheduled meeting time. This makes summer sessions courses easier for you to complete alongside a summer job, travel, or other commitments you have while not studying on campus full-time.

Reason #7...Satisfy your ICC Quantitative Literacy requirement.
Use the summer session to satisfy your ICC QL requirement, especially if you're avoiding it. Focusing on one course at a time is the perfect way to get quantitative.

Reason #6...Online classes teach students skills invaluable to a digital workplace, like virtual teamwork and project management. 
Whether it's your ability to navigate Sakai or to build community remotely, your online learning experience will be valuable beyond the content of the course.

Reason #5 ... Raise your GPA.
Among IC undergrads who took a course last summer session, academically at-risk students (those with cumulative GPA< 2.5) achieved significantly higher grades in summer online courses than in their previous coursework.

In other words, most at-risk students boosted their GPA by taking summer online courses.

Have a GPA > 2.5? You won't do so bad either.

Reason #4 ... ICC courses in summer abound.
With ICC courses across all themes and perspectives, there's something for everyone, including courses to satisfy Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, and Writing Intensive requirements. 

Summer is a more affordable way to catch up on your ICC requirements, with a new 30% discount rate automatically applicable to undergraduate courses.  

Reason #3 ... Feel the burn.
Buckle down. Get out of your comfort zone. Get cracking. Get down to business. Apply yourself. 

Immerse yourself in a course that's not only online, but accelerated (only two or five weeks long) and you'll test your time-management skills, your initiative, and your ability to continue in the face of adversity.

Resilience. Persistence. Grit. Whatever you want to call it, here's your chance to feel the burn.

Reason #2 ... There'll be room for MORE during the academic year. More minors, more study abroad, more internships, more of anything you want to or have to do. 

Reason #1 ... Focus, focus, focus. 
Summer session students focus on a single course at a time. And faculty are focused on you, too.

Online Classes Offered Through Sakai

Once you've registered, visit sakai.ithaca.edu and look for your summer course in your active sites. Not showing up? Email your professor and confirm the course site is published. Still not showing up? Email the IT service desk at servicedesk@ithaca.edu. Include your name, email and IC ID#.