Frequently Asked Questions

Can I double major?

With careful planning, it's possible to complete two majors within four years, even in two different schools, so long as both lead to the same kind of degree (e.g., both lead to a B.S. degree, or both lead to a B.A. degree). If a student wishes to double major and to earn two different degrees (e.g., a B.A. and a B.S.), a minimum of 30 credits beyond the first degree is required (i.e., a minimum of 150 credits).
With the exception of the music performance and music education double major, students may only enter Ithaca College with one major.  Upon matriculation to Ithaca College, students must work with their dean and the dean of the school that houses their second major (if the second major is in a different school) to determine the feasibility of particular combinations.