Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ithaca have an honors program?

Yes, Ithaca College has a very successful honors program. The program is selective, and application is by invitation only. About 500 students from throughout the College participate. A small number of students who have excelled in their first semester at IC may be nominated by their faculty and apply to join the honors program in their sophomore year.

The Ithaca College Honors Program is designed to challenge you. Because it is an integrated program, it encourages you to consider how both your academic and co-curricular experiences contribute to your education. As a student in the honors program, you will document your experiences in an e-portfolio, called the Cursus Honorum, and to graduate you will need to demonstrate your achievements in five areas: academic challenge, global citizenship, cultural engagement, engagement with your scholarly community, and civic engagement.

Honors students enjoy many benefits, including trips, film and speaker series, and social gatherings. Incoming first-year honors students may also apply to live in honors housing.

For more information contact
Thomas J. Pfaff
Honors Program Director
212 Muller Center
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850

Honors Program

You may also be interested in departmental honors work in your major. Unlike the all-college honors program, departmental honors work typically requires you to write and defend an honors thesis, complete a research project, or pass an honors exam. Contact your department chair for more information.