College Planning Guide

Building your high school resume

College admission committees value impressive academic performance, but good grades alone won't guarantee admission. You also need to show proof of accomplishment in activities outside of class, a real belief in your abilities, and the gumption to toot your own horn!

So start building your high school resume, and be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve. Make a list of everything you do well and makes you unique (hint: this is no time for modesty):

What have been your personal achievements? Did you start a club at school? Write and publish a short story? Organize a benefit for somebody in need?

Do you have any special talents? Do you sing or play an instrument? Develop websites? Care for animals?

Do you have leadership skills? Are you a class officer? Have you organized your home room around a special event? Campaigned for a local politician?

How about athletic abilities? Are you the captain of your squad? Play an unusual sport? Lead the school in team spirit?

What do you do after school? Do you tutor other students? Volunteer at a local charity? Hold down a part-time job?

Whatever sets you apart, write it down, and then pump it up! Choose one or two activities to focus on (in addition to your schoolwork) and put your all into them throughout your high school career. When it comes time to fill out your college application, you'll have a compelling story to tell and the means to make admission counselors take notice!