College Planning Guide

Eight steps to beginning the application process (and getting in!)

Review application requirements. At Ithaca, we've streamlined our application process to allow you to do most of it online and in one place. Check out the apply page on our admission site, and remember that Ithaca's deadline for admission applications is February 1. Our early decision deadline is November 1.

Get familiar with the Common Application. Ithaca College uses the Common Application (as do almost 400 other colleges and universities), saving you time and effort since you won't have to fill out several different applications.

Ask for letters of recommendation. Approach teachers and extracurricular activity leaders, and ask them to write letters on your behalf. Choose people who know you well and who can give specific examples of why you'd make a great candidate for admission. Don't wait until the last minute -- remember, your friends are asking for recommendations, too!

Begin writing your essay. Choose a topic that fits within Ithaca's specified guidelines but that is also meaningful to you. Use the essay as an opportunity to give the admission committee a sense of the person you really are.

Make the grade. Get a transcript of your grades to send along with your applications (as specified by the schools you're applying to).

Evaluate test scores. Are you satisfied with your SAT or ACT scores? If you think you could do better, consider retaking the exams.

Prepare special materials. Some of our schools and programs call for specialized application materials. For example, you may be required to schedule an audition for the School of Music or the Department of Theatre Arts or submit an art portfolio to the Department of Art.

Stay tuned with myIthaca. Keep checking this site to stay on top of the application process, monitor your deadlines, register for exciting events, and more!