College Planning Guide

Finding the perfect college fit

Knowing your goals, expectations, and preferences is the first step in finding the best college for you. Ask yourself these key questions:

What's important to me?
Difficult as it may be, now is the time to begin asking yourself what your personal and professional goals are: maybe it's the chance to help others, or the opportunity to earn a high salary, or the ability to work at something you love -- or all three. Knowing your goals and values will help point you toward the right college.

What do I enjoy doing?
What school subjects spark your interest? What topics do you like to read about? What hobbies or activities do you have outside of class? Start writing down your interests in a journal and see what themes emerge -- and what major you might choose to go along with them.

What kind of student am I?
Do you prefer to talk over problems, issues, or ideas with others, rather than working on them by yourself? Do you like to study alone? Are you an independent thinker? Do you enjoy debate? Do you prefer teachers who talk or teachers who show? Understanding your learning style will help you narrow your college choices.