College Planning Guide

Getting Involved in Community Service

As college students continue to learn about the world around them, they realize that giving back is essential to making the world a better place. At Ithaca College, students get involved in community service in a variety of ways, from volunteering at food shelters to advocating for workers’ rights.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:

Around-town Service

  • Serving meals to community members in need at Loaves and Fishes or the Salvation Army
  • Tutoring students at local schools
  • Volunteer at the library
  • Visiting the elderly at Longview, an assisted living home, just across the street from the IC
  • Caring for animals at the local SPCA

Service for a Cause

  • Colleges Against Cancer raises awareness about cancer and holds fundraisers to support cancer research
  • Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to eliminating poverty through building, educating, fundraising, and advocating for affordable housing
  • Slow Food works to celebrate local food systems and help people understand the importance of where their food comes from
  • IC Environmental Society promotes environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Ithaca College International Club improves cross-cultural dialog and cultural encounters within the Ithaca College community.

Leadership Service

  • Community Plunge is a program that brings first-year students to campus three days early to do short-term volunteer projects at Ithaca area nonprofit agencies
  • The Student Government serves as a liaison between the Student Body and the Administration
  • Peer advising allows upper classmen to help freshmen mak a smooth transition into college life
  • Mentoring a student in the area for the Big Brother/Big Sister program provides young students with positive role models
  • Orientation leaders conduct orientation each summer to welcome freshmen to the college campus

Advocacy Service

  • IC Human Rights advocates for human rights around the world
  • IC Feminists are devoted to social, political, and economic equality for women and men
  • The Labor Initiative in Promoting Solidarity is dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights
  • Frack Off! informs and motivates the community to take action against hydraulic fracturing
  • Active Minds develops and supports mental health awareness, education, and advocacy through activities across campus

 Why not visit our community service page and check out all opportunities waiting for you?