College Planning Guide

Help with choosing your major

At Ithaca College, we have many resources to help you find the major (and ultimately, the career) that's right for you.

  • Use our Major Finder to explore your options.
  • Talk to our professors and students about their experiences, majors, and internships.
  • And be sure to explore our program descriptions on this website, too.

You'll find we offer over 100 degree programs within five schools.

Visit our Academic Programs site to learn about them individually, or use our helpful Major Finder tool to see which one might be right for you.

Not ready to choose a major?

No problem! In fact, it's better to keep your options open than to rush into a major. Instead, use your first few semesters to explore multiple majors and interests.

At Ithaca, you can take advantage of our Exploratory Program to sample a variety of academic disciplines before selecting a particular major. We'll help you follow your interests, learn more about yourself, find new enthusiasms -- and discover the major that's right for you.