College Planning Guide

It Pays to Be a Leader

One of the annual scholarships the College offers is the $7,000 Ithaca Leadership Scholarship, awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and commitment to academics.

The award is a renewable scholarship that students maintain by adhering to the standards and requirements of the program. Students must attend three leadership sessions per semester through the Student Leadership Institute, participate in a service project, and maintain a portfolio that reflects their leadership experience.

The scholarship puts great emphasis on the individual leadership journeys of the scholars. Students can select which leadership sessions to attend based on their interests and motives, an option that provides flexibility and diversity in the program. “There are tons of student leadership workshops to choose from that can challenge your thinking about leadership and help you develop your own personal style,” said leadership scholar Samantha Wolfe ’11.

Scholars often get passionate about their service projects. Some students choose on-campus service projects such as food drives, cleanups days, and fund-raising for charitable clubs, while others support larger causes such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, and the SPCA. Scholar Shari Kaplan ’11 has benefited greatly from the program. “It has encouraged me to become a more informed community member and has made me examine myself, what I have achieved, and what my goals are for the future,” she explains.

Program director Michelle Lenhart puts great emphasis on the idea that leadership is not a position but a process. The goal-oriented program encourages students follow a plan to guide them through their college journey to strengthen their skills and become practiced and effective leaders.