College Planning Guide

Joining the team -- no matter how athletic you are!

Participating at any level of college sports is a great way to get involved. Whether you strive to make MVP, train until you feel the burn, or simply enjoy cheering the team, you'll have fun and make friends, too.

At Ithaca, you can choose to play (or watch and cheer) football, baseball, swimming, wrestling, track and field, tennis, gymnastics, crew, volleyball, soccer, or softball. And our intercollegiate sports are just the beginning.

Love the thrill of ski racing? Ithaca has a team. Ready to saddle up? Join Ithaca's equestrian team. Whiz with a frisbee? Show our ultimate frisbee team your stuff. Or try cycling, ice hockey, tae kwon do, cheerleading, basketball, dance, or, dare we say it, sword play! You'll find all these recreational sports clubs -- and many more -- at IC.

If you want something less organized or you just like getting exercise, try the Fitness Center. There you can scale the climbing wall (or simply cheer your classmates on), join an aerobics, tai chi, or yoga class, or meet other health conscious students on the treadmills or in the weight room. You'll make friends and stay fit, too!