College Planning Guide

Living in a learning community

Ithaca offers you a variety of specialty housing and learning community programs -- each a unique opportunity to ensure your education doesn't stop at the classroom door but takes place around the clock:

First-Year Residence Hall Program

You're probably feeling a little anxious about your transition to college but at the same time eagerly looking forward to a new place full of new people and exciting things to do. The First-Year Residence Hall Program is a great way to experience college life and make lasting friendships with other first-year students. This program provides students with an active living environment consisting of only first-year students and specially trained RAs. Note: Transfer students are not eligible for the First-Year Residence Hall Program.

Housing Offering a Multicultural Experience

If diverse company and cultures excite you, check out the Housing Offering Multicultural Experience (HOME) program. Through HOME, you'll live and learn with other students who are preparing to study abroad, who are living in the United States for the first time, or who wish to immerse themselves in a truly multicultural environment.

Outdoor Adventure Learning Community

Do you love sleeping under the stars? Like to climb, kayak, bike, and spelunk? Want to do all you can to protect the environment? As part of Ithaca's Outdoor Adventure Learning Community, you'll live on one floor with an active group of adventure-minded students. Together, you'll learn about sustainability on the trail, work with local groups to maintain land preserves, and explore the balance between spiritual, intellectual, and physical health.

Sustainably Conscious Learning Community

Here is your opportunity to explore and expand your commitment to improving your relationship with the environment, society, and economy. As a resident of this dynamic community, you'll make fast friends with other environmentally conscious students as you learn to reduce your ecological footprint, participate in group dinners, and explore sustainability initiatives on and off campus.

Language Learning Communities

Vecinos: Join this unique residential learning community and within record time you'll become more fluent in all aspects of Spanish language and culture. Native speakers live side by side with beginners, sharing an appreciation of everything Spanish through workshops and reading groups, movie nights and gallery outings, and music and dance performances. ¡Te hemos esperado!

Quartier français: Parlez-vous français? Consider living in the Quartier français! Open to Francophones and Francophiles at any level, regardless of major or minor, this learning community promises a full slate of cultural programming, including a conversation group, film series, reading group, cooking nights, and field trips.

Stockwerk Deutsch:
Join this learning community, and expect to be immersed in all aspects of the German, Austrian, and Swiss cultures. It doesn't matter how well you speak German. Everyone is herzlich willkommen at Stockwerk Deutsch!

Gender Neutral Housing

This community is designed to address the needs of students who want to live in a community that is supportive of all sexual orientations and gender identities, students who want to live with whomever they choose despite their gender identity, and students who want to live in housing where they do not have to identify their gender in order to use the restroom facilities.


Other Options

Other options include an all-female residence hall, honors housing, substance-free housing, and quiet study housing.


Please note: Not all specialty housing and learning community programs are offered each year.