College Planning Guide

Making Fast Friends through Clubs and Organizations

If you're like most college-bound students, you're probably a little bit anxious about leaving your friends behind and making new friends. That's normal. But keep in mind, most schools have dozens of clubs where you'll find students who share your interests -- and want to find friends just like you do.

How do you find them? That's easy:

  • Check out our student organization fair and new member events during the first few days of classes.
  • Browse Ithaca's list of student clubs and organizations under the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement.
  • Watch the bulletin boards in your dorm and academic buildings closely. That might be the only place smaller groups advertise.
  • Talk to your RA and other older students about what clubs are available. Chances are, you'll be surprised at how many there are!

When you find a club that interests you, make note of when it meets and where, then attend a meeting or two. See if the club is right for you. If it is, dive right in and start making friends. If not, find another club or start your own. Whatever you do, take advantage of as many new activities as possible. It's what college is all about, and it practically guarantees you'll make friends in no time!

Clubs for one and all

Ithaca boasts more than 150 student organizations. From the political (Amnesty International) to the cultural (IC Comedy Club) to the spiritual (Hillel), we offer something for everyone. Visit the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement site for a current list of active groups. And be sure to bookmark Fuse, Ithaca's student-written magazine, for in-depth stories about all you can do at Ithaca!