College Planning Guide

Support for International Students

China, Australia, Argentina, Kuwait, Jamaica — students from all around the world study at Ithaca College. International students, including incoming freshmen, transfer, exchange, and graduate students, make up three percent of the student population and represent 80 nations.

Ithaca College offers international students many opportunities to experience a smooth and engaging transition even before coming to campus.

When you arrive in Ithaca, a staff member from our office may meet you at the airport or bus station (be sure to give us notice of your travel plans well in advance of your arrival), and during your first few days on campus, staff members will help you get settled and introduce you to other students. You'll even be invited to participate in a special program matching third- and fourth-year students with new arrivals.

Visit the Office of International Program's website now for more information and answers to all of your questions about attending Ithaca College.

Here are some other great support systems for international students:

Ithaca College’s Office of International Programs (OIP)
The Office of International Programs offers an orientation for international students during the summer so students and their parents can see the campus and learn more about the College. OIP also sponsors day trips to areas of interest in the community. We even organize special holiday events for international students.

Housing Offering a Multicultural Experience (HOME) is located in Terrace 3 and focuses on providing its residents with an understanding of diversity through classes, programs, trips, and other events while providing a close-knit community throughout the building. Students living in HOME take one multicultural-based, 3-credit class their first semester. Courses offered in the past include Introduction to African Diaspora, Social Change, and Introduction to American Literature. HOME provides opportunities for international and American students to get to know one another, and it also secures housing for those international students who need to remain on campus during school breaks.

Applying for a Student Visa

When we receive your enrollment deposit, we'll send you an I-20 form (certificate of eligibility for an F-1 student visa for non-U.S. citizens), and you may apply for an F-1 visa at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. You will also need to submit payment of the SEVIS fee. Rules vary; check with your local U.S. consulate for specific application requirements and procedures.

Dining on Campus

Three campus dining halls provide meals seven days a week and offer many options, including special dietary and nutritional programs. Traditional hot entrées, salad and pasta bars, and vegetarian dishes are all available. The College provides kosher meals, and a Shabbat meal is offered every Friday. There's also a food court in the Campus Center offering vegan and Mexican fare as well as sushi and sandwiches. Coffee shops located around campus provide snacks, sandwiches, and breakfast foods to grab between classes.

International Club
Our International Club is motivated to improve and enhance cross-cultural dialog and cultural encounters within the Ithaca College community. Through a variety of social and cultural events, the club works to make Ithaca College a safe haven where diverse cultures can co-exist and flourish.