College Planning Guide

The benefits of studying abroad

It's not unusual to hear students describe studying abroad as the experience of a lifetime. And it's no wonder. Studying abroad can help you

Figure out the world. Most students who study overseas return to the United States with a heightened awareness of world politics, economics, and culture.

Learn the lingo. Living in another city is like living in the ultimate language lab. Your everyday interactions -- in class, on the bus, in a café -- will help you hone and retain your language skills.

Make lasting friendships. Studying abroad provides the perfect backdrop for meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures -- and for making lifelong friends along the way.

Prepare for your career. Most important, studying abroad can boost your self-confidence and teach you the resilience and flexibility necessary to make decisions in diverse and unfamiliar situations -- skills today's employers demand.

That's why you'll want to consider study-abroad programs carefully as you begin your college search. Check out Ithaca's study-abroad options at our Office of International Programs website now!