College Planning Guide

What can I do with a major in __________?

Any Ithaca major can prepare you for a variety of career fields. What you decide to do depends on your interests, values, skills and experiences.

An art history major can become a museum curator, a gallery owner, an antiques dealer, or architectural conservationist.

An environmental studies major may find employment as an ecologist, an urban planner, a government lobbyist, a park ranger.

An English major can work as an author, a book critic, a journalist, a public relations assistant.

A Spanish major may find a career as an importer/exporter, an FBI agent, a scientific linguist.

A philosophy-religion major may become a rabbi, director of religious education, diplomat, or campus minister.

A mathematics major can find a career as a systems administrator, actuary, or investment banker.

A sociology major may find work as a consumer advocate, mental health worker, social scientist, or labor relations representative.

A history major can use his or her skills as a historic preservationist, an attorney, an educator, an archivist

An exercise science major may pursue a career as an ergonomics specialist, fitness journalist, wellness educator, or personal trainer.

A communications management and design major might become an advertising manager, corporate communications director, management analyst, or events planner.

A drama major may choose a career as a talent manager, actor, tourism director, mediator, set designer, or drama coach.