College Planning Guide

Why you should get to know your guidance counselor

When it comes to planning for college, guidance counselors are invaluable. They know the admission process inside out and can help you research schools, stay on top of deadlines, and more. But first they have to get to know you.

So if you haven't already, make an appointment, introduce yourself, and be prepared to talk about yourself … a lot! Your counselor will want to know the kinds of things that interest you, what you might like to study in college, and the names of schools you may have already looked at.

Don't worry if you don't have strong answers to these questions at this first meeting. Your guidance counselor will help you

  • Consider your talents and interests
  • Explore your educational options
  • Identify the schools that will fit you best
  • Evaluate your academic record and determine what courses you may need to take
  • Plan and complete the application process

Of course, the more your guidance counselor knows about you, the more he or she can help. So set up a meeting as early in your high school career as possible.

Establishing a good relationship with your guidance counselor now will make things that much easier for you as college nears!

Questions to ask your guidance counselor

  • How should I plan my schedule so I'll complete the courses required for college prep?
  • What can I do over the summer to get ready for college?
  • What grades do I need to get into different colleges?
  • Are there any scholarship programs I should start working toward now?
  • What academic majors and careers are related to my interests?
  • When and where will I take the SAT (or ACT)?
  • Should I submit my SAT (or ACT) scores?