Considering a gap semester or year?

Ithaca College supports the choice of admitted students to take a semester or year off between high school graduation and college. A gap or bridge semester or year off can allow students to pursue a range of activities that contribute to their development and preparation for college. Reasons for postponing enrollment may include: volunteer or community service opportunities; civic engagement; pursuit of specialized training; travel opportunities; assisting family members; and conducting research.

Ithaca College reviews requests to postpone enrollment for a semester or year on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your request by September 4 via the deferral request form in your application status portalYour request should be as detailed as possible and include your reason(s) for deferring admission as well as your tentative plans for your gap semester or year. Students must still submit a final high school transcript at the end of the academic year in which they were first offered admission. Deferral requests must be submitted no later than September 4 in order to accommodate the time to review your request and respond prior to the start of classes on September 8.