Lara Graulich

Lara Graulich

Email: lgraulich@ithaca.edu
From: Cobleskill, New York
Class of 2020
Major: Integrated Marketing Communications
Minors: I used to be an honors, Spanish, and photography minor, but I had to drop all of them in order to study abroad twice and complete year-round internships.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?

  • National Student Advertising Competition
  • Model United Nations (freshman and sophomore year)

Where have you studied abroad?

I studied abroad in London, and in Los Angeles.

Have you been engaged in research, internship opportunities, student teaching, or conferences?

I have had seven jobs/internships related to my field during my college experience and eight in total including high school. One experience was international, and three were on the West Coast. I have had marketing, social media management, and public relations internships at Paramount Pictures in LA, MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas, NOI Club Women’s Empowerment Agency in London, Jonesworks PR agency in LA, freelance social media management (online), and Park Productions and The Studio in the Park School.

What is your favorite event that you’ve attended on campus and why?

My favorite event that I attended on campus was the Partita for 8 Voices by Caroline Shaw, performed by Roomful of Teeth, in the School of Music my freshman year. I come from a musical background and not much shocks me, but this performance did. It was marvelously strange, and it won a Pulitzer Prize. But those are not the things that I remember most fondly. The thing that has made me remember that performance all the way to my senior year is that it was one of the first times some of my very best friends and I all hung out. It is now the end of my senior year and this same group of people continues to be a wonderful and important part of my life. Seeing how we have all grown and come into our own since that strange and unforgettable performance makes me smile.