Noelle Butler

Noelle Butler

From: Groton, Connecticut
Class of 2021
Major: Theatre Arts Management
Minors: Art History; Education Studies

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?

I am on the executive board of Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, which is a club that provides free marketing evaluations and plans for nonprofits in the Ithaca community.

Are you involved in the Honors, Leadership Scholar, MLK Scholar, or Park Scholar Program?

I am part of the Leadership Scholar Program, which has encouraged me to get involved on campus and has connected me with a wonderful cohort of leaders!

Where have you studied abroad?

I studied abroad in London.

Have you been engaged in research, internship opportunities, student teaching, or conferences?

I have completed two internships while attending Ithaca College. My professors and advisors in the theatre program have been a huge support to me in terms of finding opportunities and preparing my applications. The practical experience I’ve had in theatre has complemented my degree program perfectly.

What is the best class that you’ve taken so far and why?

My favorite class that I’ve taken so far is Educating Students with Special Needs. We took an in-depth look at laws relating to people with disabilities and how these laws impact students in particular. We devised an inclusive educational philosophy to better serve all students and even got to participate in a fieldwork assignment in the Ithaca community.