Julia Ganbarg

Julia Ganbarg

Email: jganbarg@ithaca.edu
From: Hillsdale, New Jersey
Class of 2022
Major: Occupational Therapy
Minor: Women and Gender Studies

What clubs/organizations you are involved in on campus?

Planned Parenthood Generation Action – President

Hillel – Engagement Intern

ICOT Speaker Series – Co-creator

Have you studied abroad?

I studied in Cape Town, South Africa


What's your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot on campus is this wall of rocks that’s right behind the fountains, looking out onto Cayuga Lake. This spot is just oh so special. When sitting on these rocks, you can see the vastness of Cayuga Lake, over the beautiful city of Ithaca, and when your looking out right at sunset, it is just all the more breathtaking. Sometimes, classes can be a lot and school can get tough. However, looking out on Cayuga Lake while watching the sunset and sitting on these rocks, it’s like magic. Suddenly, things are not so scary. That paper’s not that big and that assignment due in 2 weeks isn’t actually as terrifying as it seemed five minutes ago. When people say Ithaca is beautiful, they’re not lying, but that one word in no means possible is able to capture not only the physical beauty of Ithaca, but also the spiritual beauty of Ithaca - the beauty that makes you take a deep breath, look around, call a friend, and just a feel a tad better inside than you did a minute ago. There is no better feeling in the word, and it all comes right from this “wall” of rocks, just behind the fountains. 

Is there anything else you would want to share with a prospective student?

Reach out to current students and ask all the questions you have, even if they seem a little “out there” or “unnecessary.” The most niche things are what makes a certain school the best place for you!