Rebecca (Becca) Gottbetter

Rebecca (Becca) Gottbetter

Email: rgottbetter@ithaca.edu
From: West Hills, California
Class of 2022
Major: Theatre Production and Design (design concentration)

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?

  • HiFashion Studios (photographer)
  • Embrace (photographer and creative designer)

Have you studied abroad?

I’m planning on studying abroad in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe through Semester at Sea in spring 2021.

Why did you choose Ithaca College?

What do you want out of your college experience? It was a question that I asked myself a lot during my final years of high school. After an entire life in public school, I was taken aback by the fact that soon I would be able to choose what I wanted—not only where I wanted to go but also what I wanted to do, my schedule, my classes. I was lucky enough to know my major when applying to schools, which allowed me to do even deeper diving into my options. For me, I wanted a school that exposed me to new things, had classes that excited me, was an average size, was in a cute area, allowed me to go abroad, and was far from home. As I began to narrow down my list, I found that Ithaca became the standard that I compared all my other options to. It’s important that you understand what you want and are as informed as possible. Once the school(s) pick you, it’s up to you decide which one you want to pick back!

Is there anything else you would want to share with a prospective student?

Trust your gut!