Christian Castro

Christian Castro

Email: ccastro@ithaca.edu
From: Haverstraw, New York
Class of 2023
Major: Psychology
Minors: Honors; Neuroscience

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?

  • Ithacappella (treasurer)
  • Students Today Alumni Tomorrow
  • Biology Club (social media)
  • Ithaca Firsts
  • Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

Are you involved in the Honors, Leadership Scholar, MLK Scholar, or Park Scholar Program?

I am involved in the Honors Program, where students take 20 credits to fulfill an honors minor.

Why did you choose Ithaca College?

While I was touring all the colleges that I had gotten accepted to, we did the normal tour and by the end of it, I was always tired. I knew I liked every school I applied to, otherwise I wouldn’t have applied. When it came down to determining whether I should pick a college or not, I turned to my mother. I asked her for some mother’s intuition. She laughed at me and said, “It doesn’t matter what I think or feel. You will know if this is the place; you will feel it.” My mother told me I had to know everything about each of the colleges. I learned all the statistics for the colleges I had applied to, but what got me to commit to Ithaca College was when my mom forced me, after every tour, to walk around the campus by myself and put my headphones in and just imagine myself as a student there. She told me that in doing so, I would feel if I belong there. One year later and I wouldn’t go back and change my mind. Ithaca College just has a genuine welcoming feeling, and it made me want to call this place my home and alma mater.

Is there anything else you would want to share with a prospective student?

I just want to say hang in there. The college process is already insane. Just be confident and realize it is okay not to know what you want. You will get there eventually, and no one can rush you.