How frequently can I meet with my advisor?

It can be helpful to introduce yourself to your faculty advisor at the start of the semester since you may be assigned to a different advisor than the one you met with during summer orientation. If you don’t meet with your advisor at the start of the semester, you should definitely meet with him or her before you have to register for the following semester’s courses.

Most faculty post office hours – times that they are in their office to meet with students. Sometimes faculty prefer that you email them to make an appointment so that they can be sure to be available for you. You can ask your faculty advisor about his or her preferences.

If you want to meet with a professional academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center you can use drop in hours. You can also make an appointment by calling 607-274-1001. Or you can use the general advising center email:

There is not a limit on the number of times you can meet with a faculty advisor or an academic advisor. How often you meet will depend on the questions you have and what changes you might be considering in your academic plan. It is always better to ask questions than not to ask!