When can I change my major?

The answer to this question really depends on what major you want to change from and which one you want to change to. The process of changing majors is slightly different for each school, but always involves completing a Change of Major request through IC Workflow.

Being that each school and department have different requirements it would be beneficial if you contact the Dean's office of your current school (see phone numbers below). You can also contact the Academic Advising Center by emailing advisingcenter@ithaca.edu or by calling 607-274-1001. This will allow an advisor to discuss the details of your situation and advise you accordingly.

Deans' Offices:

  • Business School: 607-274-3940
  • Health Sciences & Human Performance (HSHP): 607-274-3237
  • Park School of Communications: 607-274-1021
  • Humanities & Sciences Dean's Office: 607-274-3102
  • School of Music: 607-274-3171