The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

The mission of the Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is to ensure that Ithaca College students get the best out of their ACADEMIC opportunities:

  • RETENTION in your desired major(s); 
  • study abroad or other international experiences;
  • undergraduate research;
  • competitive internships;        
  • GRADUATION from Ithaca College, and
  • PROGRESSION into your desired post-baccalaureate experience (graduate school, professional school, national or international service, the world of work, etc). 


ESP is a partnership between Academic Enrichment Services and an undergraduate student organization, the African Latino Society (ALS).  Student leaders of ALS serve as Academic and Professional Development Coaches.  Coaches are selected based on their academic scholarship, their personal and professional development activities (e.g., internships, community services, employment experiences, study abroad, etc.), their campus leadership profiles, and their ability to facilitate programs and group dialogue with an assigned cohort of student mentees.  


We support students from all majors.  We want to make sure that all students receive the critical ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES that will enable them to thrive at Ithaca College.


We encourage use of all campus services so that students will be fully equipped with the resources and information they need to have a rewarding experience at Ithaca College.


For more information, please contact:

Yolanda Clarke, Manager of Academic Enrichment Services

Emerging Scholars Program Advisor



Oluwayeni Ropo-Tusin, Graduate Student
ESP Graduate Intern


Errold Jones, Class of 2015, ESP Coach

John Thievon, Class of 2015, ESP Coach

Esther Kim, Class of 2015, ESP Coach