IC's Commitments

Colleges and universities are under public scrutiny to become more affordable while facing challenging economic times. Reductions in public funding and eroding tuition revenue—combined with the ongoing costs of keeping facilities and technology up-to-date—have placed a financial strain on many colleges and universities. Some schools have responded to this environment by cutting back. These cuts may help institutions balance their budgets, but at what cost to the student experience and educational quality? Schools have also relied on their students to shoulder much of this burden as out-of-pocket costs and student debt have continued to climb.

At Ithaca College, we are taking a different approach. We are working to continually improve the value of an Ithaca College education by investing in the human and capital resources that translate into educational quality while making an Ithaca College degree more affordable. Robust support from donors, increasing prospective student applications, and the adoption of an innovative core curriculum have resulted in an institutional momentum that has allowed us to simultaneously upgrade our programs and facilities for teaching and learning while reducing yearly cost increases and contributing more to student financial aid.

The result is a superior educational environment, which helps prepare students for personal and professional success, at a college that is committed to making this high-quality education more affordable.