Making Students Ready

At Ithaca, we pride ourselves on making students ready. We prepare students for more than just the next step—we prepare them for life. Making students ready for a constantly changing world means helping them gain the right blend of skills and knowledge to create new possibilities at every turn, defining their own personal and professional success. Our educational environment requires students to think critically, analyze intelligently, and communicate effectively. These are skills that will serve them well throughout their entire lives, enabling them to not only adapt to change but also to lead change.

Students at IC have access to many resources that help them navigate their education and make a real plan for their future:

  • Our IC Mentoring Network is an extensive community of alumni that is available to give advice, provide insight, and answer current students’ questions.

  • Our Network Nights bring students and alumni together for one-on-one discussions about life after college.

  • With our extensive network of alumni, students can get much more than advice and information—they can build professional relationships that may lead to internship and career opportunities.

  • Our Office of Career Services helps students explore professional options and apply for careers or graduate school.

  • Each of our five schools has a number of cocurricular organizations, activities, and events designed to give students meaningful experience in their fields of interest.

During their time at Ithaca College, students will create their own story, building a solid foundation for an exceptional future. And every story ends at the same beginning: Ithaca College makes students ready.