IC 2020

Creating Higher Quality Education

To best help students ready themselves for the rapid changes occurring in society and in the workplace, we have undertaken a transformation of the undergraduate learning experience. We have married our traditional strengths of close faculty collaboration and experiential learning to a new and innovative curriculum that will prepare students to view personal and professional challenges from multiple angles and tackle those challenges with integrative, collaborative thinking.

In this new curriculum, students select an overarching theme to explore during their Ithaca Seminar. This theme will continue through their undergraduate education, connecting different ways of thinking as students choose one themed course in each of the following academic areas: creative arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning is enhanced further through a dynamic, hands-on teaching model that empowers students to take an active role in their education. It is further bolstered through programs offered in on-campus residential communitiescivic engagement, extracurricular activitiesinternational study, and ongoing mentorship and advisement from faculty and staff.

We developed a multiyear institutional plan, dubbed IC 20/20, to ensure that every experience students have at Ithaca College prepares them to succeed not only in college but also—and more importantly—in the decades that follow.