Academic Workflow consists of the processes, forms, applications and requests submitted by students to make exceptions, corrections and changes. Examples of Academic Workflow processes can be seen by clicking on either the Faculty & Staff or Students link on the left side of this page.

In 2013, Ithaca College began transforming to a new, automated method of handling these processes in order to increase efficiency and to reduce the time it takes to process requests. By increasing efficiency, both students and faculty will be able to send/receive results at a significantly faster pace which will improve the overall academic experience at Ithaca College.

One of the most noted improvements related to Academic Workflow is the Online Course Override Form, where students are able to submit course override requests digitally without the need of paper forms. Once students submit all of the required information, the requests are sent to the appropriate offices and a response is sent back to the student as soon as a decision has been made and the student information system is updated. In 2014, we processed nearly 20,000 override requests from students.

The College has committed to this transformation for many reasons: it creates a standard for the entire campus, it is consistent with our sustainability practices, and it furthers our commitment to student-centered support. This initiative is part of the efforts of the Academic Workflow Implementation Group--two committees consisting of students, faculty, staff, and administrators committed to making the College processes more efficient through technology. For more information on the Academic Workflow Committees, please click on the Committee Membership link on the left side of this page.