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A Safe Campus: Talking to Entertainment Industry Executive Billy Hall

FLEFF Intern Voices, May 3

“Can I get real, can I get real right now?” asks television executive Billy Hall....

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Jon Nealon: Filmmaker and Ithaca College Alum

FLEFF Intern Voices, May 3

When speaking to documentary director and editor Jon Nealon about his experiences as a student at Ithaca College, he tells us of the...

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Some Poster Designs for Bernie Sanders

Posters and Election Propaganda, February 1

When Barack Obama ran for U.S. president in both 2008 and 2012—beginning in his primary campaigns for that first nomination by the Democratic Party—artists (both professional and...

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2015 Careers in Sport Symposium Award Winners

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, September 25

With the 2015 Careers in Sport Symposium approaching (tomorrow, 9/26), the Department of Sport Management and Media wishes to announce our...

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Ithacaption: Week 3

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, September 22

                    “Live every day like it?s your last.”

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A Rare Negative Printed Design Issued by a National Campaign

Posters and Election Propaganda, August 26

About a week ago, the Chris Christie campaign issued a negative bumper sticker—directed at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who...

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Home Is Where the Heart Is: Reflections of Home

President's Reflections, February 24

For over 4,000 students the Ithaca College campus is home, and for 2,000 more students who live off campus it is still a nearly full-time...

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We 'engineer' confidence here

Dean Gayeski's Blog, July 13

The deluge of demands on higher education to prepare students for careers has left a wake of various responses - primarily changes in curriculum and more emphasis on testing and assessment of...

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