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Every Ithacan has a story to tell; for the sake of convenience, we've collected a bunch of them here. Keep up with the latest IC happenings in town and around the world.

Life At The Boundaries: Knowledge Creativity and Character

FLEFF Intern Voices, April 28

Together we define spaces constructed by shared knowledge. This requires both creativity and character. On Saturday...

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FLEFF Intern Voices, April 27

Blog posting written by Andrew Hallenberg, Film, Photography, & Visual Arts (BFA), Honors, '20, FLEFF Blogging Intern, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The week after FLEFF felt like the calm...

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The Poster that Changed Polish History

Posters and Election Propaganda, April 14

Shared from the Facebook page of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (February 9, 2018): In 1989, Tomasz Sarnecki was a 23 year-old art student in Warsaw, Poland, working on a class...

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British Man/Woman Posters

Posters and Election Propaganda, June 24

British election propaganda campaigns—on billboards and posters—have increasingly emphasized party leaders, rather than issues. Some have said that this is a manifestation of British...

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Home Is Where the Heart Is: Reflections of Home

President's Reflections, February 24

For over 4,000 students the Ithaca College campus is home, and for 2,000 more students who live off campus it is still a nearly full-time...

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