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Shepard Fairey's Anti-Trump Posters

Posters and Election Propaganda, January 21

Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic "Hope" poster for Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008, has produced some striking anti-Trump posters. One,...

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Posters for Bernie Sanders by Greg Auerbach

Posters and Election Propaganda, October 19

Many artists produced posters with artwork for the Bernie Sanders campaign for the 2016 Democratic Party's presidential...

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A Safe Campus: Talking to Entertainment Industry Executive Billy Hall

FLEFF Intern Voices, May 3

“Can I get real, can I get real right now?” asks television executive Billy Hall....

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Jon Nealon: Filmmaker and Ithaca College Alum

FLEFF Intern Voices, May 3

When speaking to documentary director and editor Jon Nealon about his experiences as a student at Ithaca College, he tells us of the...

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2015 Careers in Sport Symposium Award Winners

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, September 25

With the 2015 Careers in Sport Symposium approaching (tomorrow, 9/26), the Department of Sport Management and Media wishes to announce our...

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Ithacaption: Week 3

Ithaca College Sport Management and Media Blog, September 22

                    “Live every day like it?s your last.”

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You CAN have it all!

Dean Gayeski's Blog, July 30

Great news- we just learned that the Park School is included once again in Hollywood Reporter's Top Film 25 Schools.  We're so proud - of course - but it's even more interesting...

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Home Is Where the Heart Is: Reflections of Home

President's Reflections, February 24

For over 4,000 students the Ithaca College campus is home, and for 2,000 more students who live off campus it is still a nearly full-time...

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