Annual BOLD Retreat/Conference

An annual gathering (either a retreat or a national conference), will take place for the scholars to come together, strengthen their ties with other BOLD scholars, build connections in the community, and to build a deeper collective understanding of the BOLD mission and values. 

  • In April of 2019, the annual retreat took place in Seneca Falls and Auburn, NY. The theme was "BOLD IC Women: Teaching and Empowering Future Generations of Leaders." There were about 30 students that attended this retreat and they went to 4 historical sites/museums including the Harriet Tubman House, the NYS Equal Rights and Heritage Center, the Women's Rights Museum, and the National Women's Hall of Fame. The retreat featured 3 keynote speakers and 4 workshops that students could attend. 

Other gatherings may arise each year as a chance for the scholars to come together, get to know each other, and meet other amazing women from all walks of life. 

  • In February, 2019, a group of 20 women attend the Athena Film Festival in NYC hosted by Barnard College. This is an annual film festival that is put to recognize women in film, both on and off screen. 
  • Two reception dinners were held at Casita Del Polaris in Ithaca, both to welcome the new cohorts of BOLD Scholars. 
  • Other social and bonding activities are planned for each cohort such as meals, paint nights, and fun events.