Program Overview

Program Overview

The BOLD program provides extensive financial and programmatic support to students. With that opportunity comes a reciprocal responsibility to embody BOLD’s core values of courage, authenticity, and vision, and to fulfill the program’s requirements as outlined below.

Program Benefits

  • Access to leadership programming, career development and networking opportunities, and community-building events on and off campus.
  • Scholarship support for the duration of your participation as a BOLD Scholar (contingent on your continued eligibility). This support will be determined on an individual basis, in consultation with Student Financial Services, and will focus on replacing loans and addressing unmet need.
  • Support in developing a BOLD Transformation Project.

Program Commitment

  • It is estimated that you will need to be able to devote 5-10 hours a week toward the BOLD Program through meetings, research, planning, and holding events. You should plan that these 5-10 hours a week will be during normal business hours. Please take this into consideration when planning class schedules, work study, internships, or other commitments. 
  • Maintain full-time enrollment and good academic standing at Ithaca College.
  • Prioritize and participate in BOLD cohort meetings and other BOLD programming. As a BOLD Scholar, you are required to attend and participate thoughtfully and productively in regular meetings with your BOLD Director and cohort. These meetings will be an opportunity for you to develop your leadership and networking skills and connect with your fellow BOLD Scholars. Other gatherings of the BOLD Scholars, including an annual retreat, will be scheduled throughout the year, and you are expected to prioritize these events and be a fully engaged participant.
  • Implement a BOLD Transformation Project.
  • Maintain timely communication with your BOLD Director, with your fellow Scholars, and with your project mentors.
  • Act as a BOLD Ambassador on campus and beyond. As a BOLD Scholar, you are expected to represent yourself, Ithaca College, and the BOLD Women’s Leadership Network with integrity and as a leader committed to facilitating positive social change on campus, in your community, and through engagement with the global community.

Curriculum & Cohort Model

Once chosen, all BOLD scholars will be members of cohorts at each partner institution. BOLD scholar cohorts will be supported by the Program Director and other various stake holders at each partner institution for the duration of the program.

Each BOLD cohort will meet regularly for the last two years of their college career with the Program Director. Scholars will follow a curriculum focused on intergroup dialogue and leadership development, campus transformation projects, and group cohesion. The aim of this curriculum is to provide a common ideology, skill set, framework, and structure for the implementation and execution of the BOLD program across network campuses.

Magic Grants (Transformation Projects)

Each BOLD cohort will be eligible to apply for a Magic Grant of up to $10,000, and will be responsible for implementing a specific and tangible transformation project on campus or in the community that reflects the mission of the BOLD network. In addition, BOLD cohorts will identify major quantifiable goals related to campus inclusion that they would like to accomplish by the end of their BOLD experience. These goals may be related to implementing and creating new campus initiatives or enhancing already existing programs.

BOLD transformation projects will be focused on creating spaces for discourse on campus related to challenging issues of inequity and should focus on engaging cross-sections of the campus community including students, faculty from multiple disciplines, and staff from various departments. BOLD scholars will design, organize, and plan transformation projects during the second semester of their junior year in weekly meetings with their Program Director. These projects will be the core “product” of the program on campus.

BOLD Alumna Fellowships

With the goal of full employment across the BOLD network, each BOLD scholar will graduate from college with the opportunity to apply for a Helen Gurley Brown BOLD Fellowship, which provides funding of up to $40,000 per BOLD scholar for employment at a non-profit organization that embodies the values of the BOLD vision.