FY 2020-2021 Budget Planning

Please see below for FY 2020-2021 BudgetPak training materials and budget planning timeline information.

Training Materials


This section contains information on the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget Process Timeline.

  • The submission deadline to Divisional approvers (VPs and Provost) is Monday, February 17th 2020.
  • The final submission to the Budget Office is Monday, March 2nd 2020.

NOTE: Please defer to your department heads if you receive earlier cutoff dates for your specific area.

Although no targets have been given at this time, we do know that the entire college needs to operate under the assumption that budgets will need to be reduced as a result of lower anticipated enrollment for Fall 2020.

BudgetPak Submissions

  • Submissions will need to be completed in the version titled 2021 Draft Budget #1.
  • Please include Student Wages, Non-Salary Operating, Small Equipment, Capital, and Revenue (where applicable) for each of your active units.
  • We do not require any additional selections on the “sign off” or “approve” buttons for a submission. Simply ensure all your departments (units) have the “Complete” status and we will automatically close the budget version on March 1st.
  • If your area has already entered and reviewed your budget(s) in the correct version, you DO NOT have to reset and resubmit.
  • BudgetPak will no longer be available after March 1st. Please ensure you have downloaded or printed a copy of your department’s budget after your final budget entries/edits are complete.

IT and Capital Submissions

  • Our office is also asking for areas to complete the IT Request Form and the Capital Request Form for any budget submissions in those areas.
    • Subcodes 7656 and 7657 for IT Software.
    • Subcodes 8300, 8330, and 84XX for Capital
  • Requests for new technology items need to be submitted for review by IT by March 1st via the Project and Major Technology Purchase Requests form here: https://ithaca.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/34/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=82. This process does NOT apply to existing items owned or used by the college.
  • The Capital Request Form is linked here: https://www.ithaca.edu/budget/capitalrequests/ .The deadline for Capital Requests is also March 1st.

Edits after Submissions

  • Due to the difficult nature of predicting enrollment, the Budget Office will continue editing budgets after 2021 Draft Budget #1 is reviewed.
  • Due to the efforts you are making to reduce your budgets, we expect that future edits/reductions by the Budget Office will be limited.
  • 2021 Draft Budget #2 will be generated by the Budget office to establish a break-even budget for the Board of Trustees to approve in May. These drafts will be sent to Divisional approvers via Excel Spreadsheets; exact dates will be forthcoming.

Additional Information

  • Please continue to email budget-group@ithaca.edu for questions regarding accounts, departments (units), and access to BudgetPak.
  • BudgetPak maintenance is required to update some items. Please review the BudgetPak home page for the time of the next maintenance (typically scheduled outside business hours).
  • Additional Technical tips are also available on the BudgetPak home page throughout the process.