School of Business Welcomes Visiting Scholar from ItalySchool of Business Welcomes Visiting Scholar from Italy
Antonella Ardizzone has traveled a long way to spend a few months with School of Business students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Ardizzone, Assistant Professor of Applied Economics, Institute of Business Economics, at IULM University of Milan, Italy, will be with the School of Business until February 14.  While here, Dr. Ardizzone will teach a number of classes, meet with students, continue with her research, and collaborate with Ithaca College faculty members.

“This visit for me is an extraordinary opportunity for growth on both a personal and professional level.” said Dr. Antonella Ardizzone.  “This experience will give me the opportunity to learn more about the American university system, as an insider, help build personal and professional relationships with Ithaca College Professors, to start new research projects, collaborate on papers with more experienced Professors, and to learn about new topics.  I’m very excited about this experience; I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.”

Antonella’s relationship with the School of Business started in fall of 2011, when School of Business Management Professor, Dr. William J. Tastle, spent his sabbatical at the IULM University of Milan. While in Milan, Dr. Tastle led a team of young post-docs, including Dr. Ardizzone, in various research initiatives.

“Dr. Ardrizzone is brings a wealth of knowledge on how American companies can work in the European community, develop collaborative business initiatives, and her own view on American life.” said Dr.Tastle

Having received her MSc in Economics and Business (Markets and Organizations) from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Dr. Ardrizzone earned her Ph.D. in Communication Economics from IULM University of Milan, Italy.  Some of her research interests include: industrial economics, data analysis, intellectual property, open source software, and cultural and creative industries.

Dr. Tastle continues, “Antonella comes to us to engage in research collaborations with faculty members in areas of mutual interest.  To that end she is actively working with Dr. Elia Kacapyr of economics, Dr. Scott Erickson of marketing, and Dr. Jeff Lippett of accounting, and has begun discussions with a number of our faculty.  She will be making presentations to our students in the Business School and we are fortunate to have her with us for this period of time.”

Antonella has published multiple journal articles, co-authored a book, and contributed to dozens of book chapters.  During her stay, she will be collaborating with Ithaca College professors to publish additional papers in International Journals.

We are very excited to have Dr. Ardrizzone here with us.” said School of Business Dean, Mary Ellen Zuckerman.  “She is yet another resource for our students and an excellent way to gain international business knowledge outside of the textbooks.”

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