Inaugural High School Investment Competition ResultsInaugural High School Investment Competition Results
Three teams take home cash prizes.

Congratulations to the FLCS Pathers from Finger Lakes Christian School on taking the top prize in the Inaugural School of Business High School Investment Competition.

Twenty-six teams from fourteen high schools in the Northeast participated in the competition that brought real-world investment tactics into their high school classrooms.  Top three teams were; FLCS Panthers (Finger Lakes Christian School), Roxbury 8A (Roxbury High School), and M.M.J. (Irondequoit High School).

“The High School Investment Competition highlighted the strong interest high school students have in the investing world. Ithaca College’s competition allows high schools to have the experience of competing in this world, with advice from college students here at Ithaca who are studying investing. With real cash prizes on the line, teams are incentivized to do their best, and to see the best of what Ithaca college has to offer in the learning about investing.” said Dean Mary Ellen Zuckerman.

During the competition, students learned basic principles in the stock market, the various sectors, fundamentals of real-time trading, and collaboration.  The competition consisted of teams of 3-6 student members, from sophomores to seniors. Teams received $500,000 in virtual US dollars to build a portfolio that consisted of five to twenty stocks. After their initial investment, teams had a series of five check-points where they can reallocate their funds. 

Finger Lakes Christian School faculty member, Mark Edell, said, “The competition was simple and easy to incorporate into the classroom. The team had to learn to work with others that had differing opinions and how to compromise when making important decisions.  I think one thing my students took out of this competition is that it is possible for a small school to achieve great things.”

Top three places took home:

First Place:  $5,000 Total ($2,500 for team / $2,500 for High School)
Second Place:  $3,000 Total ($1,500 for team / $1,500 for High School)
Third Place:  $2,000 Total ($1,000 for team / $1,000 for High School)

Visit the High School Investment Competition site for more information. 

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