Winter Session Course Offerings

The Ithaca College winter session runs January 5-16, 2009.

Most classroom courses meet Monday through Friday, January 5-16, 2009; however, some courses are run on a different schedule. For the most up-to-date information, including dates, times, locations, and course descriptions, visit HomerConnect,

Undergraduate Course Offerings:
ANTH-38100 Anthropological Experience in Hawaii
(takes place in Hawaii from Dec 28-Jan 14)
CNPH-10200 Photography for the Non-Major
EDUC-21910 Early Field Experience: Theory and
EDUC-34000 Social and Cultural Foundations of
EXSS-24700 Advanced Prevention and Care of
Athletic Injuries and Illnesses
EXSS-25000 Athletic Training Techniques I
EXSS-42100 Advanced Study in Exercise Physiology
MUNM-25600 Women in Popular Music: From Bessie
Smith to MTV
MUMC-10700 African Drum and Dance Performance
RLS-18002 Selected Topics in Adventure Skills
RLS-28002 Selected Topics in Adventure Skills
WRTG-23800 Poetry Writing I
WRTG-35400 Writers' Retreat

Graduate Course Offerings:
ESSG-64500 Psychophysiology of Exercise and Sport
SPMG-55000 Intercollegiate Athletic Administration
SPMG-58000 Sport in Popular Culture

Online Course Offerings:
With an online course you can learn anytime, anyplace -- at home, or while you travel. Ithaca College online courses are as close as your computer! For information on what it's like to take an online course, go to

Undergraduate (online course offerings):
ACCT-40200 Advanced Accounting
DIIS-31000 Film Festivals: Arts, Industry, Opportunity
ECON-12200 Principles of Microeconomics
HLTH-11300 Personal Health
HLTH-22700 Stress: Its Nature and Management
HPS-20500 Critical Health Issues
JOUR-39002 Selected Topics in Journalism
POLT-10100 U.S. Politics
SOCI-20400 Sociology of Symbols and Representation
SPCM-11500 Business and Professional Comm
SPMM-39900 Current Issues in Prof. Sport

Graduate (online course offerings):
HPEG-59911 AlternativeEd: Trends/Methods
HPEG-61500 Technological Applications in Education

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