Is it okay if I just leave my laptop laying around?

Short answer: No. Because laptops are light and portable, security should always be a concern. It is the responsibility of each student to protect his/her laptop. With this in mind, please consider insuring the laptop, purchasing equipment for its physical security, and installing anti-theft software.

Look to see whether your homeowner’s insurance covers laptop theft. If not, consider purchasing additional coverage.

Laptop security kits are available from the Ithaca College Bookstore and from many retail establishments. These security kits allow a student to physically secure the laptop to a desk.

Several different software products are available to help find a laptop in case of theft. One of the more popular products is Lo-Jack. If a laptop is stolen or lost, notify the Office of Public Safety.

The Office of Public Safety can be reached at (607) 274-3333 or on the website.